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Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Black Power at 'The Carolina Thrift Store' in High Point, North Carolina - "Reality Theatre"

A dog says:  "I heard your song, Lady Gaga called "Show Me Your Teeth"

Black Power in High Point, North Carolina

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Remember the old game played as a kid called “Ghost in The Cellar”?  This is where kids were in the basement, with a vivid imagination, looking at old rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, boxes, and other things in a dark or dimly lit basement and then imagined this to be a ghost or some scary thing.

High Point, North Carolina’s  version of the game involves a “Black Power” matron type hiding in the basement, or sorting room of The Carolina Thrift Store, located at 2645 N Main Street, High Point, NC.  In this game set up, of course, for entertainment purposes only,  a large Black matron, who is about 400 pounds in size and about 6’3” tall comes out of her ‘basement’ screaming and yelling at people who take the ‘bait’ near her lair.  The bait is tidbit h’ordvres set on a table near the Mother –of-Pearl keyed piano at the back of the store.  The scary woman, who is an example of “Black Power” is the form of a person, is what people can look at and be educated by in regard to what “Black Power” really is about.  Black Power, the political theorem is no longer just a political theorem but is in full force in many cities including Detroit Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio.  No wonder people are intimidated and stay to fight or run away as this type of thing stirs up the fight or flight response.
In Addition to the educational Black Power game, and the beautiful but forbidden piano and snacks in the back of the store, The Carolina Thrift Store also has a menagerie of other interesting, unusual, and unexpected items and are open during regular business hours and are available by phone at (336) 885-4488.  Reality Theatre there is not being sponsored by "Players Theatre", but the “Black Matron” there appears to be a ‘regular person’ with a regular job.
Thanks, “The Carolina Thrift Store” for providing “Reality Theatre” to get people to think more about complex political situations and understand how other people feel when entrapped by or overpowered by “Black Power” in particular.

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