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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"An Authentic North Catholic Church in High Point , North Carolina" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

An Asian Family

There is an authentic North Korean Catholic Church here in High Point, North Carolina. unbeknown to many residents.

The Church, called The immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, located on Barbee Street, here in High Point, North Carolina.  They do their entire service there in North Korean.  About 99% of the people there are Asian.

Young Asian Business People

The church is also connected to a large school and the people there are friendly.  We were warned that the service was all done in North Korean, but stayed anyhow. 

Asian Sons
There were two little restless boys sitting in front of where we were at the time with their parents. They were cute, and were the attraction there to many people because this was a church family there together.  The boys looked like they were definitely born in Asia, with markedly Asian, not racially mixed features as did many of the people attending mass there that day. 
This is a picture of a very pretty young Asian woman.  Asians, like blacks, were NOT ASKED to be
part of the Limited Companies.  Maybe this is because the
man correlated with The Limited Companies in Columbus, Ohio is a
senile old man. Les Wexner, who wanted to control the company, which umbrellaed organized crime, and let
everything else go to pot.

Only one woman in the entire congregation used hair color at all, and the hair color she used was purple/red or maroon.  The people are very attractive but all 'natural' looking with no hair color, very little make up, and generally plain clothing.  They have beautiful complexions ,very dark straight shiny hair and distinctive faces.  A few of the women were wearing veils but none were wearing hats.

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