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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Pre-Christmas Blues starring "The Fist" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

An anonymous man with a fascist fist.  An informant suggested that maybe this is
"The Chinese Dude" who works at the Motel One, 3190 E Main Street, Whitehall, Ohio, in disguise. 
His Oriental family and relatives were stopped (aka failure to progress)
 in Ohio and became sad.
They wanted to bring Chinese people in and get an employer in,
"Toyota" to provide employment for other people also.
Crooks clogged up our intelligence/development
network with a sex ring and stupid people
bullying and battering people in the police.inteligence
mode to continue to develope and promote organized crime in Ohio
This includes the human organ transplant part of the cult, The drug ring, and prostitution
disguised as 'models'.
"The Chinese Dude" at times sounds like
the Chinese Ku Klux Klan.
Can you really blame him?
December 6, 2011

The Pre Christmas Blues

There is an organized crime/theft ring in the vicinity of The Motel One, 3190 E Main Street, Whitehall, Ohio 43213. Across the street, there is a convenience store with blue plastic covering the store sign. Today, a man who was there before as an owner and who is from Sudan, and a woman who was new there were working behind the bulletproof glass at the customer counter. They both seemed very stoned today (groggy). Sudan's United Nations issue, besides having a fascist leader, has to do with a genocide cult in their country which activists are trying to extinguish as per United Nations email and correspondence that is current (within the past three days). At the back of the aforementioned store, a dog was whining from a smelly dark room. In front of that, but still in the back room, visible to shoppers, was a torn up bedroll with brown stuffing (fiberfill) all over the place in a large 'mess'. Before. two men, not a man and a woman worked at that store. In addition to this, someone on the police/intelligence audible Internet got foul mouthed and was talking about sex and robbing people for money. Chasi's Restaurant, across the street, but in front on The Motel One is now shut down. There was a firetruck in the parking lot of the convenience store last Sunday. The two owners from Sudan were not there to operate the store, but for some reason showed up just as the firetruck showed up by 'coincidence'.

Yesterday afternoon, it rained all day. There were about 5 accidents in a row along E. Main Street starting at McDonald's Restaurant, at the crossroads of E. Main Street and Grant street, running all the way up E. Main Street until I got off the bus in the vicinity of The Motel One. Further down on E. Main Street are many International operatives working in various businesses from various countries, mostly blacks. This could be part of a ring that has to do with insurance fraud again, which has been seen before in this cult. This includes the 'appearance' of the firetruck with no fire ablaze because of 'known' fire policies being sold by ​someone local in a financial split with owners of properties.

Also, yesterday, a hassle was reported to the Franklin County, Ohio Prosecutor's office because of a couple in a white car. Last night , someone knocked on my door at about 4:00 am and would not speak. In addition to this, a woman who used to live at The Motel One with a cat said a man showed up and said they were the 'Fire Inspector" and that she had to move to another room. She left and went somewhere else, but left her cat behind. The cat got beaten up and now whimpers upon jumping down and has an abused nose and face.  To try to be assistive, I named the pretty kitten "Kim Lee" and am hoping that this kitten will be treated better than the Oriental people that the "Chinese Dude" is a part of.   "Kim Lee" the cat could be a representation of women who were beaten up by a development project that was called "Sex With Slaves" or "Nigger Alley" in Ohio.  Then, crime used whores from their organization as the female role type.  Crime won that round.

Assistance is needed.

I do not want to get 'blown away' by some gangster's gun, like the gun that was fired in the same parking lot, which was also reported to the Franklin County Prosecutor's office in the past. This was like what someone else tried to do in another area - launching rockets or missiles to try to launch the old high school graduating classes of 1976 (aka 1776/1976) which resulted in nothing more than more abuse and a relaunch of crime in Ohio.

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