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Monday, November 28, 2011

A "reverse Christmas" this and every year for too long.....

A Christmas Reindeer with earrings.

November 29, 2011

Dear Justice Department,

I have a story to tell about fraud. Today, I got on Twitter. I was married in 1980 to Jerry L. Bauer, and my maiden name is Koerber. After I got divorced after 18 years of being married, I had an incredible issue with fraud. I experienced aggravated burglary, menacing, and there were deaths in my family. I noticed that after crooks ruined our lives and threw me out of my house located at 1785 Akron Road, Wooster, Ohio because I was a divorced woman I though who was being humiliated, They 'launched a stripper' from Columbus, Ohio named Liz - who they called Go-Go Lizzie. I am an authentic ex wife, but I think someone's 'hookers' or 'girls' got into the act, and ruined the Eddie Bauer Textiles industry and my life. I am seeking damages. I have not been able to become gainfully employed. I am now supposed to be some kind of whore and noticed that on Twitter, the bitches using the name Kimberly Bauer, Kimberly Koerber, or some variety of the name really do look like hookers, or whores. This is continued harassment in my life. I want to press charges to the fullest. It looks like a criminal organization decided to take over my life and my name, and I have been victimized and beaten up by crime since I have been a young child. The point is that these bitches, who are whites, have pictures on Twitter, and none of them is or was me. Crooks ripped off all kinds of things from my house including photographs and important papers in addition to thing of value. They also could be part of the ruination of the textiles industry in general because some gang took clothing that was supposed to be sold, ripped off the money that was supposed to be used to fund or develop the textiles industry more, and then displaced and laughed at the people already in this. Also, a goon crew came to our home address which was 1785 Akron Road, Wooster, Ohio and brought "Stinky's septic system" there. They dug up our front yard, claimed that they owned the property, and used the suction apparatus that is part of "Stinky's" to suck papers out of a tank in the front yard. My husband and a were already divorced by that time and he as in a wheelchair. This is now another part of this organized crime cult that hit Ohio and other states. The bitches on "Twitter" pictured were stupid to use the names Koerber and Bauer and put their ugly pictures there - one case equals one bitch. The point, Justice Department is this - I had my fingerprints on file before this fiasco got out of hand using both my married and maiden names and the court in Wooster, Ohio, an organized crime area, would not listen. I had no representation during the illegal eviction or other things they did as part of this funny, funny program they ran which was fraud based. Also, "Nigger Alley" which was a reparation for slavery based program was run during this. Some of these pictures of women could have black operatives behind them on Twitter. There is also a man currently in Columbus, Ohio from the Chicago, Illinois area, known as Mr. Bonano, who was part of public administration and was involved with trash people in the past and trash crews. He is black and Italian. My feeling about the situation are written in succinct way in the line that follows:

I am interested in pressing charges to the fullest in every case.

I currently am homeless and jobless because of this and other things, and can't become employed. This is supposed to be funny to someone. I picked working for the Federal government and public Administration roles including the police a long time ago. Ohio is running a misogynistic cult, and hates certain types of women, but tends to like whores. Then we the women are supposed to be 'jealous' of the whores. This was someone's social policy issue to get in to continue to be an aggravating nuisance.

I am penniless, live with my fiancé at The Motel One, 3190 E Main Street, Columbus, Ohio and have only one phone number which is a computer voice mail number : 206-203-4349. Bitches who I think are from this or another ring are leaving fake collection calls. Goons were able to then put themselves into police or administrative positions by ruining my life and doing this. These "Twitter" bitches are an example of the type of block I have had to put up with that moves around. Eddie Bauer claimed that these hookers were not theirs but belonged to "The Limited Companies", which was founded in Columbus, Ohio in the past.

I am now also in my 50's. (age 53) I have one son, Justin Jeremy Bauer. If Justin's dad, who was in a same name sting, along with Justin being many people in a same name string did not develop and become known by them because of the game that the Eddie Bauer conglomerate was playing, then I would not have had to file a federal complaint about fraud when people started using my married and maiden names and affected me, because I did not benefit from this in any way.

Another part of the scam that went along with this is this:
     I graduated from the Ohio Stte University in 1990.  I became Licensed in my field shortly afterwards.  I joined NASW or the National Association of Social Workers.  They have a jobs site.  One of the jobs on the site was to work with the Las Vegas police and homeless people in general, not become one of them thanks to applying for the job in addition to many others and become a victim of fraud.  I still want to get my law degree, but am caught up in this scam and can't seem to get hired to go much of anything.  I "was" working the police role online but crooks did not like me for some reason.  We are in a heavy drug state here in Ohio also.

"All I want for Christmas is a home."

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