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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Federal Voice - This is an example of "White Squirrel" in my Life" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

This is not a sailing vessel - It's an airplane - aka "Welcome to White Squirrel".

Click below to listen to and watch the Video "Sailing" by Chrisopher Cross


A victim of crime, uncompensated in Ohio is me...

My blogspot is...

... My prior married name was Bauer. I am unfortunately staying at Rebecca's Place because I am in another relationship but have no job, and am supposed to have to support men, as opposed to being a person of value - as a martyr in the Ohio cult that crooks created. I am not sure why this online version of this Ohio cult is trying to martyr me after being part of this thing for 17 years in an unpaid internship, but i recently applied to DeVry to get my MPA although I have been in a situation to have no money and supposedly be "in the field". My fingerprints were on file before crooks started this fiasco. I have added The Federal Voice to my Facebook page already. Crooks apparently wanted to use my undergraduate degree to commit nursing home crimes and I have been tied into various city hubs including this one before.

The Indigo Drum was my development project. Crooks ripped off the money for that, burglarized me, and continue to be a hassle online in the auditory way in what has been dubbed "White Squirrel". Here is Columbus, Ohio; no one was able to get Federal jobs easily because of a block created by crooks. My current fiancé, John Drilling, went with me to various other areas and this morning is not here thanks to having to do other things that are more important. I have no interest in being abused by crooks in Ohio, and was never offered compensation for the damages crooks caused, or Federal protection in my desired MPA role in another state. I maintain my blogspot on almost a daily basis, although crooks have deleted other sites. I am at risk because of being 'double teamed' by crooks, and have no working phone currently. I need job placement assistance also, if available, since this large gang or cult originated from Ohio, is most probably the drug trafficking /human organ donation cult, and is most probably part of the auditory "read on keyboard" cult. I have no desire to change the career path that I have been involved in all of my life because of worthless bullies. When in Columbus, last time, there was no "The Federal Voice". I found the paper at the Livingstone Avenue branch of the Columbus Public Library. I look very much like my avatar which is on my Facebook page. I would like to meet with some of the people who are part of the local area that I am currently in, but got stuck at Rebecca's Place, and so was not able to make it down to the event at the statehouse recently done to commemorate 911. Thanks very much.

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