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Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Black eyes, Deaths, and Boarded up homes in Columbus, Ohio still around" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Are they addressing me?"  This unknown young man put his photo on the computer of the Public Library
in Greensboro, NC where it was captured to become part of a story. 
                                                                                       Sunday, September 19, 2011

Dear Global Voices of Non-Violence: 

I like the idea of nonviolence BUT - I am currently staying at Rebecca's House in Columbus, Ohio, a transitional housing situation for homeless women.  Just this morning, we heard that a black woman was beaten up on the streets last night, and that this poor woman had two black eyes.  This occurred in the inner city/east side area again. Other residents were looking for the woman this morning and said that she was probably given a bed but they were not sure. 

In another eastside Columbus, Ohio neighborhood, only a few blocks away, a house was boarded up with white boards.  I saw the damage yesterday.  Graffiti was written on the boards, part of which was "R.I.P. Calvin".  I hear that this is called a "street Requiem" and that sometimes they gather up stuffed animals, flowers, and other ornaments with Christian crosses and put these objects on the side of the road, in front of buildings, and etc. because there was a death.

In addition to this, someone picked a co-high school student, a peer, (from Median High graduating class of 1976) whose last name was "Farkas" (which rhymes with carcass to be 'presented' online as some part of a 'launch'.

Certain other cities are just as bad.  A young man, (name unknown) was telling me about street violence in Baltimore Maryland, and violence which still exists in the schools when I was in Greensboro, NC not long ago.

Inner city and on-the-street violence is still there.  Too bad your organization can't come up with finding a way to deter that and get the people who need to come to hear the message about peace to your presentations, workshops, and seminars. 

Global Voices of Nonviolence is located at 

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