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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crooks and scary times.....

Hi.  I am from Ohio, am currently staying at The Salvation Army, and am scared to death again by crooks.  This is really not funny.  These crooks really give people who are not from their drug cult or whatever a very hard time.  The pint is that this is currently going on in La Crosse Wisconsin.  Somebody is running a drug cult there, and wants me to take the blame for this.  Not only did they start trouble on our voice mode in regard to this, they tried to get scary and got involved in Science fiction called the "Andromeda Strain" and claim that the situation occurs when people are trapped for a long time.  This is because the Human organ transplants cult was narced out and turned over for investigation and prosecution recently.  Modern fairies, dwarfs, goblins, and other nasties may be part of the problem here, an NPR featured book written by Roald Dahl."

A staff member at the Salvation Army 'found' a plastic drug capsule on the floor in the men's area after she accused me of 'snorting something' in the restroom - and i so not use drugs at all.  Maybe this has to do with gnomes. midgets, and other 'scary types' like the NPR story suggests and tells about.  This is another part of "Hee Haw" in addition to crooks calling me names, after robbing me, causing other trouble in Ohio and not knowing where to stop.  An ethics complaint was filed in regard to some for this already.  There is also a weird restaurant in La Crosse called "the Arterial" restaurant, which is also a very weird name.    

Then, to try to break up the relationship I am in, a crook sent John a negative abusive message which said something about someone named "James" to start trouble up again with blacks, I think, and with John.  This is an example of what trash does in these areas because they are being prosecuted.  They did this from Yahoo, by getting into my Yahoo account, because I am pressing charges against people who caused the harassment there.  Yahoo is obligated to press charges if the victim asks.  Did I chose all of this abuse?  This drug and abuse cult by people who are adults who should know better is also some kind of sex or prostitution cult and is "The Limited Companies" in part in Ohio.  Different state, same game.  Did I chose this abuse?  Nope.  Did I choose these people?  Nope.  Yet there they are. 

I am on the way to Columbus, Ohio and was told that I can get tickets from the Salvation Army but that they need to call Faith Mission and ask them if they have any beds open.  Crooks created the need in my life to have to stay in shelters.  Now some of the staff and other crooks are starting up again here.

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