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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Miracle of "Sparkle" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

What counters depression and makes people happy in all cases is "sparkle". "sparkle" is that undefined something extra that certain people have and other lack consistently. To live life to the fullest, we all need sparkle.
Fuzzy ducklings lived in the creek at Soldier's Field park, but
when we were there, they were all grown up.

Spelled Pronunciation [spahr-kuhl] Show IPA verb, -kled, -kling, noun
–verb (used without object)
1. To issue in or as if in little sparks, as fire or light: The candlelight sparkled in the crystal.
2. To emit little sparks, as burning matter: The flames leaped and sparkled.
3. To shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; coruscate.
4. To effervesce, as wine.
5. To be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.
–verb (used with object)
6. To cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the water; pleasure sparkling her eyes.
7. A little spark or fiery particle.
8. A sparkling appearance, luster, or play of light: the sparkle of a diamond.
9. Brilliance, liveliness, or vivacity.
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Related Words for : sparkle
coruscate, scintillate, light, spark, coruscation

I will never forget going to Rochester, Minnesota.  Because we were not supposed to be there at the time and had no resources or money, we (John Drilling and I) stayed in Soldiers Field Park for 30 days.  This is because in Rochester, there is no accomadation for poor people unless they stay at The Dorothy Day House, for 14 days (the limit) and then find other accommadations, or a way to leave.  We slept in the park on Federal land, and met a couple of the forest rnagers while sleeping in the men's restroom during the rain twic, and were thrown off of the picnic shelter but if we woke up early, just at sunrise and went to the shelter before the sun fully rose, the Miracle of Sparkle was there to be seen.  The creek just glistened and minute sparkles were there to be seen on the creek's surface - and fish actually were able to be seen there - just under the surface of the water.  Live Fish!  The miracle of the new day breaking included "sparkle" always in that spot, in that location. Just down the creek was avid pollution, but in that spot, in that clearing, was "sparkle".  What a great place for a morning meditation!

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