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Monday, November 3, 2008


Chains of oppression in the USA
 I was thinking about many things today - including parenting and feminism and the conflict between one thing and the other. For some reason, I have had more than my share of trouble in life. I recall when the "National Organization of Women" became a victim of a hostile takeover and changed into the "National Organization for Women". This really changed the formation of an organization that women needed to rely on for many years. I am glad to see that the organization is not only back, but active.

Parenting is about being a nurturing mom and feminism is about having rights while being that nurturing mom while having rights as an individual. Sometimes, there is a conflict. It is a particularly tough thing to do if you are a Social Worker who has to put up with nutcase types of clients and protect a child at the same time.

The Ohio State University College of Social Work said in an undefined way:  we do not support Social workers.  How ironic.  They have Social workers graduating from the College but have "The Office of Female Empowerment" there.  When I asked about this office, which is also located in Stillman Hall, I was told:  "Sorry - we do not help alumni - only faculty".  Maybe I was supposed to pay them to get help as an alumni of the college.  Maybe they were trying to say that being a Social Worker is not being an "Empowered Female" and is part of the chain of oppression. 

My son, Justin Bauer left home after he was old enough.  He made bum choices.  His dad was leaving to go to Florida, and he knew it.  I was the mom in the household, and a Social Worker, who was powerless over their decisions.  I was powerless over the people in that community who made the community what it then was.  Wooster, Ohio, I thought was supposed to be a nice area, home of the College of Wooster - not a run down area which was the victim of hostile escheat. starting with Rubbermaid, an International Company.  The area for some reason wanted Justin to be a drug lord.  I didn't.  He was a kid who could not even maintain a job that his friends got for him in a convenience store/gas station, or in a steakhouse/buffet rrestaurant job before he left.  The love of his life was Tiffany a young female who was pregnant before he met her.  I recall going to the hospital when she was in labor. The baby, William Hunter, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was a plump, rounded face, beautiful little baby.  Tiffany and Justin could have gotten married, but didn't.  He was 17.  She was 16. I took pictures of Tiffany when she graduated from high school.  She really did graduate 'bare-footed' - wearing no shoes at the time.  Her mother, a 'party type of woman' was there, but was not taking pictures because she was stoned out of her mind at the time.   

He left about 6 years ago.  I have not seen him since.  I have no rights to be able to find him, I am told, as he is an adult.  He does not want to be found.  As a parent, I had no control of this - as a Social worker, I had no control of this, and as a person, I am not in favor of the cocaine cartel or other aspects of Organized Crime that were there at the time.  But, in addition to all of this, I am in what is known as a "borne" i.d. - this means that I am "supposed to" have the right answers all of the time - and know what to do.  I am really just a human being - not even paid for this.  I am not perfect - but I do try to do the right thing - like many others.  I did not tell them in Wooster, Ohio to get hostile, but they did.

I guess I did something wrong - oops.  

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